SweatyTraveller | Adelaide Crowne Plaza
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Crowne Plaza Adelaide

Room size: Medium, long in length which could allow room for walking lunges and some other floor based exercises

Weights range: Dumbbells to 2kg to 20kg

Outline of machines and equipment: Life Fitness chest press, leg press and shoulder press, a separate bench, 4 treadmills and 2 stationary bikes

Towels and water: Cold water dispenser and towels provided

Staff: This facility is unmanned

Temperature/ ventilation: Comfortable temperature

The view: The outlook is onto the hotels 15 metre heated indoor lap pool

Special mentions: Other facilities worth a mention are the excellent pool for lap swimming, sauna and laundry facilities. Crowne Plaza is well set up with quality equipment in the fitness centre. This hotel is well located for a variety of dining choices and easy access to the riverside running tracks. The service here is worth noting as being exceptional.