SweatyTraveller | Las Vegas Bellagio
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Bellagio Luxury Resort and Casino

Opening hours: 6:00AM – 8:00PM

Room size: Large

Weights range: Plates to 20kg, dumbbells to 20kg

Equipment: Cable cross over frame, power plate machine, medicine balls, smith machine with sufficient plates, 5 benches, pin loaded weight machines, 3 spin bikes, 2 stair masters, 10 elliptical, 10 treadmills, 2 rowers, fit balls, dedicated free weights area with 3 dumbbell racks

Cleanliness/ equipment maintenance: Equipment is in excellent condition

Towels and water: Filtered water and towels available

Staff: Personal Trainers available

Temperature/ ventilation: Comfortable and well ventilated with fans

The view: A great sized gym to make you feel at home

Special mentions: Group fitness classes are scheduled throughout the day, 7 days a week. Organic cold pressed juices are available for sale. The outdoor pool is great for some laps if you manage to get it to yourself.

What we like: Travel fitness taken seriously. The Bellagio has a fantastic health and fitness centre where you can not only maintain your fitness regime, but really take the opportunity to work on your wellbeing if you choose.