SweatyTraveller | Melbourne Yarra Valley Country Club
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Yarra Valley Country Club

Opening hours: 8:30am – 8:30pm

Room size: Medium to large, but not spacious

Weights range: Dumbells to 20kg

Outline of machines and equipment: 2 x Treadmills, 2 x Ellipticals, 3 x Bikes, 2 sided multi weights station, leg press, barbells and a barbell rack, benches, 20m indoor lap pool, 2 tennis courts, mats, fitballs

Cleanliness/ equipment maintenance: Equipment is dated but reasonably maintained

Towels and water: Provided

Staff: This facility is manned by a reception to the wellness centre

Temperature/ ventilation: Comfortable temperature

The view: The outlook through one side of the gym is onto the gardens, with another into the pool area

Special mentions: This gym contains sufficient equipment for you to workout whilst away from home. It is a reasonable sized area in a 3 glass sided room.

A feature of this hotel would be the extensive roads and paths throughout the estate for walking and running.

What we like: The lap pool is an excellent asset if you’re a swimmer.