SweatyTraveller | Phuket Holiday Inn Patong
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Holiday Inn Patong

Hours: 6am – 9pm

Room Size: Medium. You will need to move benches to do floor work

Equipment: Cable machine with 1 of each handle attachment, dumbells, chest machine, leg press, shoulder press, benches, mats, elliptical, 2 treadmills

Weights range: Dumbells 5lb – 50lb

Cleanliness/ equipment maintenance: Equipment clean and well maintained

Towels/ water: Towels and cold bottled water free of charge

PT/ classes: No

Temperature/ ventilation: Air-conditioned

View: Cardio equipment facing out to a pool area Special mentions: Full length mirrors, scales

What we like: Close to the beach where you can run along the 3.5km beach front or paved path in the morning before the temperature rises and the streets become crowded