SweatyTraveller | Phuket Hyatt Regency
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Hyatt Regency Kamala

Opening hours: 24 hours

Room size: Medium, with enough space to perform body weight exercise or walking lunges

Weights range: Dumbells to 14kg, light barbell plates to 10kg

Outline of machines and equipment: Leg press, ezy barbell, resistance bands, 1 x bench, 3 x treadmills, 1 x rower, 2 x stationary bikes, medicines balls, yoga mats, fitballs,  ‘Arke core centric training’ system

Equipment quality: TechnoGym branded equipment which is well maintained and clean. Treadmills are not great impact absorbers if you use them for running on

Towels and water: Cold water dispenser and gym towels provided

Staff: The resort offers a group fitness timetable featuring yoga, tai chi, pilates and Muay Thai

Temperature/ ventilation: Air conditioned but not well ventilated

The view:  No view

Special mentions: Gym music creates a motivating atmosphere. The hotel offers yoga mats and light weights to be delivered to your room on request. Head phones are available for use during your workout.

Hyatt Regency’s 72m pool is a stand out feature if you’re a swimmer, an asset hard to come by in hotels and resorts. Situated on the Kamala ‘millionaire mile’, you also have a reasonably quiet road to run along. This hotel gym contains basic equipment for you to maintaining your fitness workout whilst away from home.