SweatyTraveller | Tasmania Grand Chancellor Hobart
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Grand Chancellor Hobart

Opening hours: 5:00am to 10:00pm

Room size: Large, long in length which allows room for walking lunges and some other floor based exercises

Weights range: Dumbbells to 1kg to 20kg

Outline of machines and equipment: Wall mounted hanging crunch/ dip machine, leg curl, chest press, 2 sided cable machine, medicine balls, fit balls, rack for barbell work, bench, bicep curl bench, 2 treadmills, rowe, elliptical, 2 stationary bikes

Towels and water: Cold water dispenser and towels provided

Staff: This facility is unmanned

Temperature/ ventilation: Comfortable temperature

The view: The gym is tucked away beside the indoor heated pool. While there is no view, this gym has the type of atmosphere you want to turn your MP3 up and push through a heavy workout.

Special mentions: Located in the CBD you have easy access to health facilities offering the likes of Bikram Yoga and Barre; the Hobart indoor swimming complex is close by, running and riding tracks along the water, and the many hiking options Tasmania boasts.